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Many items in the May 19th Fine Porcelain Specialty Auction sailed high above expectations, doubling and tripling high estimated values.

Here’s a look at some of the big winners:

Royal Worcester Princess Elizabeth

Royal Worcester’s young Princess Elizabeth riding sidesaddle proved to be popular, garnering 11 bids and selling for $5,000, well above it’s estimate.


The Spanish porcelain-maker Lladró remains highly collectible around the world.  In this auction, we had a rare 8-piece Nativity Scene, including Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the Three Kings (Wise Men), a donkey and an ox, which also included the original boxes.  The price realized on this handpainted Christmas classic was $950, over 60% more than the high estimate.


It’s no surprise that Royal Worcester’s In the Ring by Doris Lindner rode her way past all expectations to hit $3,000, far beyond the $800-$1,200 estimated value.


A bird in the hand is worth two in the oven?  This pair of ovenbirds baked their way into the hearts of our bidders, with 19 bids driving up their estimated high value by more than 60%.  Incidentally, the ovenbird is a small, yet plumpy North American songbird whose nest resembles a Dutch oven.

The Italian porcelian maker Richard Ginori, originally called Doccia, has been making beautiful pieces since 1735.  This stunning neo-classical pattern from the 1980s is as beautiful today as it was 30 years ago.  This 60-piece set was in excellent condition and more than doubled expectations, selling for $1,300.


Chinoisierie is once again trendy.  This pair of breathtaking cabinets with glass shelves, glass doors, beautiful gilt floral detail and pagoda-like tops will proudly be the new conversation pieces in someone’s home.  At $2,750, they more than doubled their high estimate.


The 150+ year old Hungarian ceramic maker Zsolnay is probably most well known for their patented Eosin process, which gives an iridescent quality to the color.  Their vases, bowls and vessels are truly works of art and sought after.  Not surprisingly, this beautiful pair of vases sold for $1,700, well above the $700 high estimate.


Cat lovers everywhere rejoiced as this adorable Bing & Grondahl cat clawed her way to a realized price of $700.  That’s quite a significant jump from the high estimate of $300, showing that beautiful porcelain cats may be better than cat videos.

For more auction results, visit our page on LiveAuctioneers here.  

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