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The breadth and the depth of the porcelain, china & glass collections make this auction very remarkable.  It’s one thing to have a porcelain Boehm bird, and it’s quite another to have more than 500 of them.  These exquisitely detailed, hand painted imitations of nature are breathtaking in person.  As are the Lalique figurines, the beautiful china sets, the Royal Worcester and the Dorothy Doughty porcelain figures.

To hear more about specific items, let’s find out what our staff’s favorites are.

Keith Medin, Specialist

I want to show you these two incredible sweetmeat dishes, also called butter dishes.  They may have been used for either purpose.  They are either Irish or English, so we can call them Anglo, and date to the 19th century.  They are hand-cut, leaded glass and just absolutely beautiful.  They come from an estate that has more of this glass that will be featured in our June auction.

Anglo Crystal Butter Dishes


Robert Ahlers, Company Owner

The amount of detail on these handpainted Boehm & Doughty birds is just incredible.  The closer you look, the more amazing it becomes.  To own just one would feel like you were bringing a piece of nature into your house.

Boehm “Cactus Wren”


Elizabeth Rickenbaker, Auction Director

Growing up in Atlanta, I have a great appreciation for equestrian culture. The Royal Worcester horses, especially those featuring royal or military figures, are so lifelike and add a quality of whimsy to what can be a very formal artistic medium. They are the type of antique pieces that are expected to be seen in traditional furniture settings, but I think they are great juxtapositions up against more modern décor, whether it’s transitional, rustic or midcentury.

Roller Worcester “Stroller & Marion Coakes”


Hilary Murdock, Marketing

I really love glass, so I assumed the Lalique pieces would be my favorite.  And they truly are beautiful.  However, after going through the lots, I fell in love with the Boehm Mountain Gorilla.  The pictures online don’t do him justice. There’s feeling behind those eyes!  He would add so much character to a bookshelf.

Boehm “Mountain Gorilla”

We’ll see you at the auction on Sunday!

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